American Express Blue

American Express Blue — A Card With a Rewarding Experience

With all the different types of credit cards available today, it can be an overwhelming task to pick one that is right for you. However, American Express Blue is currently one of the most rewarding cards to own! Here are some of the highlights of owning the American Express Blue card:

No Annual Fee

The Blue card has no annual fee for the cardholder and no interest will be charged on purchases until six months from the date of that purchase.

Ability to Carry a Balance

Unlike other reward cards, the Blue card offers the flexibility and option to carry a balance on the card by offering a competitive interest rate. This will allow large purchases to be made and yet still receive the benefit of earning reward points.

Rewards Program

One of the greatest aspects of using an American Express Blue has to be the rewards program! For every dollar charged to the card, the cardholder will get a reward point for each and every dollar spent and then these reward points can be saved up and redeemed and enjoyed in the form of restaurant gift cards, gift certificates, gift cards to certain retail stores, magazine subscriptions and several other recreational activities. These reward points accrue quickly and never expire, allowing the cardholder to truly be rewarded for using their American Express Blue card.

Travel Benefits

With the American Express Blue, cardholders will be able to receive discounts and low prices on travel and earn even more reward points when they use their American Express Blue for travel plans. No black outs or seat restrictions will ever be in place.

Roadside Assistance

If a situation arises that requires roadside assistance, card members can depend on fast, reliable service to be sent their way.

24/7 Global Assist Hotline

Whether it’s an address, a medical listing or any other service or inquiry when traveling 100 miles or more from home, 24/7 Global Assist will be there to help American Express Blue card holders get what they need.

Shopping Protection

Card holders can rest assured that any theft or criminal activity on their card will be protected with a 90 day insurance guarantee.

Identity Protection

If the situation of any fraudulent charges should arise, card members can be guaranteed 24 hour identity theft assistance and the ability to report any fraudulent charges any time or any day of the week.

Account Management

Blue card members will find that managing their card will be a simple and easy process and can be done from either online or via wireless devices. Clear and concise online account management of the card will also summarize all spending in categories making it easy when it comes time to report taxes.

Travel Accident Insurance

American Express Blue card holders can have peace of mind that accidental death and dismemberment coverage will be provided while traveling on a common carrier conveyance (plane, train, ship, bus or helicopter). offers information regarding the American Express Blue card. For more on choosing a credit card, please visit us at

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